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This assessment aims to guide students through the process of researching for, and summarizing material that is required as part of, the essay preparation process. Students are to research and prepare an annotated

Bibliography. The essay question that you are asked will be the same one that you will respond to in Assessment 3b when you write the full essay. Some of the theoretical frameworks will not be covered in lectures until the second half of semester; depending on which frameworks you choose, you may need to read ahead to complete this task. The aim of Assessment 3a, the annotated bibliography, is to get you to begin researching, reading and preparing ideas that will help you write a well-researched, planned and thought-out final essay. To this end please follow the instructions outlined below in preparing your annotated bibliography.


Essay question

Select only ONE question from the two options detailed below in order to research and write your annotated bibliography:

1. Why do individuals engage in crime OR deviance? Explain by comparing and contrasting

Merton’s structural strain theory with Agnew’s general strain theory.

2. Choose ONE of the following areas of policing, and using concepts from at least TWO theoretical frameworks covered in the unit, analyse the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary policing practice in your chosen area.

a.Policing drug use

b.Policing drug trafficking

c.Policing crowds (eg sporting crowds, protests and rallies)

d.Policing intimate partner violence


Research and identify TWO different sources that could be used to answer your selected essay question. Of these two sources, one MUST be a peer-reviewed journal article (scholarly)and the second will be, either:1.a second peer-reviewed journal article (scholarly) newspaper article (non-scholarly) government report (scholarly), or book chapter (scholarly). Based on the above, at least one of your two sources MUST be a peer-reviewed journal article. The selected sources must not be from the unit’s set reading list. For the annotated bibliography task, students are required to find additional sources to address the question.


Having identified your two sources, you are to summarise and evaluate each source in relation to its relevance to the essay question. You MUST use the required template when completing your annotated bibliography. The template is available for download as a Word document in the 'Assessments' tab, Assessment 3a: Annotated

Bibliography folder, on vUWS.


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