Project #160912 - Photo project critique $15

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/16/2016 02:00 pm

800 work critique of a photography project.  I will provide link to photos after assigned. Need to have some photography experiece and use lingo of the field. 



  • Final Project Critique. This week you'll be critiquing one of your classmate's final projects. I've randomly pulled your names from a hat to set up a round robin of sorts, so see the forum to find out whose project you're responsible for critiquing. I encourage you to look at all of them, though, and comment if you see fit, but you’re only required to write a critique of the person I've assigned you to. Your critique needs to be substantial and must address the project as a whole as well as some of the specific photographs from the project. You’ll be looking at composition, subject, photography technique, photo worthiness, really everything is on the table here. Writing that you like a project and that you think certain photos look great will not count as a critique. Although not a hard minimum word count, you should be writing somewhere around 800 words.


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