Project #160916 - Human Resource Development Assignment VI

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/15/2016 05:00 pm


Look up the article “Baby Boomers Seek New Ways to Escape Career Claustrophobia” (from June 24, 2003). Use this article to help write a two-page memo, outlining your recommendations for developing managers who are stuck in their jobs or feel underutilized. Use Microsoft Word to create your memo. You can use a memo template, or create your own memo. Be sure to cite all the sources used according to APA style.




This assignment is for a memo, not an essay, but sources need to be used.  No plagiarism or other student’s papers.  I will filter the memo though three portals to look for plagiarism or the use of other papers.


APA style format


Written in a college level.  No Masters or PhD.


DUE: SUNDAY 12/18/2016 by 5:00PM CST



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