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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/16/2016 08:00 pm

No more than 2 pages total, average 1 page per learning activity, all sources are attached.

All responses are to be substantive, showing critical thinking. They must also be free from grammatical and spelling error. Here are the guidelines:

- Responses must be in paragraph format, labeled and be interactive to promote further discussion unless the activity requires otherwise;

- Responses must demonstrate critical thinking and be fully justified;

- Use resources from any assigned course material;

- Use APA formatting for any in-text citations and references.

 Theme One: How do you measure the success of a decision?


Agree or disagree with this statement.  Explain why the statement is accurate or not.


“Good decision making is not about outcomes, it’s about making the decision the right way.”


Theme Two: Change and implementing a decision


All decisions require change to implement them. Consider an experience you have had in your work life that has involved the implementation of a decision. Explain how the decision was implemented. Was it successful? If so what about the implementation of the change made the decision work. If not what ways could the implementation have taken place that might have made the decision work? In other words, what could they have changed about making the change?


, what could the decision makers have changed about making the change?



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