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For the last section of the course, on “Trends in Analytics,” your assignment is to craft an 8-10 page paper on current and future issues that will affect the field of analytics and what strategies you will take to ensure you stay on top of the field. This paper must be grounded in research that supports your position on the current and future state of the field. Please include detail on your reasoning for choosing the particular current and future issues you focus on. You may want to provide some historical context on how these issues have developed. The paper is due at the end of Module 13.


Step 1. Review the material
Revisit the readings from Modules 1-3 and 11-13, and the discussions we have had in class and online. Pay particular attention to key trends in analytics that you consider to be critical.

Step 2. Analyze trends
Analyze current and future trends that we have read about, discussed in class, or that you are familiar with, and consider what makes them important (or not) to the field.

Step 3. Develop a strategy
Consider what types of strategies you could use to stay on top of the field, analyzing pros and cons, and develop the best strategy that will work for you.

Step 4. Write your paper
First, state the current and future trends that you see as most critical. Why did you select these, and not others? How did these trends come about? Then, discuss your strategy for staying on top of these trends, as well as scanning for future ones.


In assessing this assignment, I am looking for evidence of the following: 

  • You were able to leverage the intersection of data, information, and knowledge to influence decision making with an organization
  • You were able to articulate an understanding of the current challenges in the field of applied analytics and position yourself for future career growth in an ever-changing business environment
  • You were able to synthesize and apply the reading material, present concepts clearly in a written format, and author a coherent, well-supported paper on current and future issues.


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