Project #160951 - humanity short essay about Hamlet or Teresa of Avila

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Write a short essay (minimum 2 ½ pages typed, double-spaced, standard margins, with internal citations and works referenced (bibliography – either MLA or APA style)

Essay should have a thesis (controlling idea) that is supported by evidence and argument.  And it should have both an introduction and conclusion.



       We began our study of humanism and mysticism by reading materials from the 20th & 21st centuries from a Western perspective in Segment I.  In Segment II, we have briefly studied two writers from the Early Modern Period, the16th/17th centuries—Shakespeare (England) in his play Hamlet (1600) from northern Europe and Teresa of Avila (Spain) in her The Life of Teresa of Avila by Herself  (1565) from southern Europe.  Each represents a strand of Western European thought prior to the Enlightenment. 


Prompt:  (Choose one)

#1   In the essay, analyze one of Hamlet’s soliloquies and your chapter from the Life of Teresa of Avila by Herself in terms of its relevance to humanism OR mysticism.    


#2   In the essay, analyze Teresa of Avila’s mystical experiences with that of Mark Rothko (either his process or his painting).  Use specific examples and citations as evidence in the essay.



       As I suggested in the first essay, you might begin by rephrasing the prompt as a question that your essay will answer.  Remember you need only write about humanism OR mysticism.  Make sure you (1) use specific textual references (quotes) from both the play and the chapter, (2) make sure you include what you mean by humanism or mysticism, and (3) reference at least one of our earlier readings on humanism or mysticism.  You may compare the two readings (with similarities) or contrast (with differences).


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