Project #160957 - Corporate Governance, Investments and value creation essay/report

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No word count as such but not much is needed just brief facts backed up with evidence from debenhams. Thinking 1000 words approx (500) each section, probally lower as only short sentancs are required with the relevant reference and evidence provided as an appenidx with no great detail within text. APA references

Discuss the two themes mentioned below:


1.       Performance of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) stocks

2.       Analysis and evaluation of investments for value creation

 Utilize existing theories/ models related to the two themes above to compare, contrast and analyse the sustainable strategic choice and performance of Debenhams.

·         What are SRI’s? Why should companies look to be more socially responsible?

·         Review of literature – Instrumental Stakeholder Theory, Slack resources theory

·         Evidence of SRI’s at Debenhams

·         Social responsibility at Debenhams – Appendix (If available)

·         How well do socially responsible investments perform?

·         Evidence from Debenhams – Appendix (if available)


·         What are Strategic Investment decisions? (IDS)

·         What is a BCG Matrix? Can it be applied to/evidence Debenhams?

·         NPV Techniques what are they? Applied/example for Debenhams


·         What is a real option tree? Apply an option tree to/evidence Debenhams


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