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1.     Academics and others started looking at leadership in terms of individual traits.  They then looked at behaviors ... and, finally, at situations,  None of these approaches proved to be a sure-fire method of identifying potential leaders.  Why has so much effort been devoted to try to identify potential leaders?  And why have none of these three approaches worked?

2.    Today, people can work almost anywhere.  Laptops, tablets, and cell phones have become extremely versatile instruments, permitting Internet and e-mail access, text messaging, and access to huge data bases.  Do you think our ability to work outside traditional offices because of this technology will negatively affect the communication process and employee. camaraderie?

3.    A.J. Smith oversees a production line at Excelsior Parts.  The line produces 2,000 parts per hour which are packed in drums for shipment to the customer.  Each drum contains 15,000.  Normally, less than 1 part per thousand is defective.  However, A.J. has just received a call from a very irate customer complaining that the last batch had a defective rate of 27 per thousands.  What should A.J., do?


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