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The position that I found in my field of Business Information Systems is known as a Systems Analyst LINK.  The position is at a health insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, located in Detroit, MI.  The position calls for a person with analytical (critical thinking) skills, communication skills, the ability to work with a team, and of course, basic computer skills.  All of these skills were either learned or improved through my General Education classes.  Another skill that it doesn’t list, but that I believe is useful in most positions are basic grammar skills, which were also a big part of General Education classes, as well as my Major classes.  

I have found that my debate skills have increased tremendously as I’ve been in school.  For example, I know how important it is to gain knowledge on both sides of an issue before taking a side.  I found this to be very useful during the presidential election, as I tried to assess which candidate I felt deserved my vote.  Another skill that has been beneficial to my personal life is communication.  I have learned to appreciate the cues offered to us via body language, and tone of voice, for example.  I truly believe that these skills will prove extremely useful once I begin interviewing for positions in my field.  

As a stay at home parent, whom recently found out that I am (surprisingly) expecting again, my plans for a career have been a bit altered.  Instead of applying for internships, I am looking for ways to stay home and make money.  I have decided to take some of the things that I have learned in school, and with the help of Photoshop, I plan to design invitations for my family and friends at a low cost to both get some experience in the field, as well as share my creative designs with others that normally would not have the option.


Job description 

            A friend of mine, Kim More, opened a tutoring center designed to work towards learning goals for individuals with dyslexia and language learning differences (  After reviewing the job description for a tutoring position within her company that she would like for me to accept, I am realizing that I will need to utilize many skills as well as become certified through the Orton-Gillingham program.  To begin, general education courses have allowed me “a well-rounded education” that “gives you the tools to think creatively, adapt quickly and work effectively with others” (Dowd, 2015, para. 1).  All of those skills will benefit me in my position as well as the individuals that I will be working with.  The social and behavioral sciences, mathematics, sciences, arts and humanities, and culture classes that I have taken for my general education classes have taught me critical thinking, evaluating, and reasoning skills that will create success in my position as well.  I have enhanced my respect and appreciation for different perspectives, diversity, and cultures.  This will allow me to be able to work with, appreciate, understand, and respect a diverse population.  

Two examples 

            My newly acquired knowledge and skills have helped to shape both my personal and professional development.  For example, I am able to understand different perspectives and see things through the lens of someone else’s eyes. Not that I approve of suicide bombings, because I do not at all, but I have learned why a suicide bomber chooses to do such an act.  If I were from that culture, I would think that being a suicide bomber would get me into Heaven (Ghosh, 2005).  Another example is my ability to think critically.  This skill benefits my personal and professional life as it allows me to handle a variety of situations and come up with solutions in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.  


            Within my community, I am always helping and will continue to do so.  The education I have received allows me to work with a diverse population, critical think to resolve problems or come up with new ideas, and appreciate everything.  A good example is the work that I do with my children’s school and extracurricular activities.  I am able to work with a diverse group of individuals and meet the needs of each and every, unique one.  This comes in handy when working on a project so each individual is assigned a task that he or she will succeed at and feel good about. 


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