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Throughout this semester we have been reading articles from the Boston Globe and talking about the knowledge perspectives.  For this assignment, you will choose a Boston Globe article from the ones that your instructor has selected.  Write a 1 – 1 ½ page polished essay in which you explain how two of the knowledge perspectives impact your understanding of this article and how the two knowledge perspectives connect to each other. 

In the essay, please make sure to include the name of the article you will be discussing, the author of the article, and the date it was published.  

The Four Knowledge Perspectives are:

·       Analyze modes of creative self-expression with an aesthetic perspective  (Aesthetics & Creativity)

·       Apply the process of scientific inquiry to comprehend the natural world and to solve problems  (Scientific Inquiry & Problem Solving)

·       Interpret and analyze the complex interrelationships and inequities in human societies in a global and historical context (Global & Historical Perspective)

·       Evaluate and understand how individual differences and societal contexts impact human behaviors, beliefs, values, interactions, and emotional and intellectual processes (Individuals & Society)


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