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write three paragraphs for each question i will post 6 choose 4.

3 paragraphs for each question

1.What is the economic impact of public finaicing?

2.Your shcool has 8 megadorms,each housing 2000 students. four different student-owened and operated pizza delivery services operate on campus. each delivers to all 8 dorms. How would you go about organzing a cartel that could increase everyones profit?

3. In 1980 and in 1999 two major banking law were passed. Explain how each law affects bank consolidation?

4.Explain how international trade(exports and imports) affetcs nations output,employment, and income.

5.Can you rememebr the last good or service you purchased? Explain how the money you spent will lead to a multiplied chain of increased income spending?

6.Are very large firms economically justifiable? What are the pros and cons of bigness?


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