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World History to 1500" has been a course about, among other things, the importance of encounters between civilizations.  What has happened as different civilizations encountered one another has been at least as important for world history as any developments within a given civilization.  You are to write an essay that describes the importance for world history of any two encounters between civilizations that we have covered in this course. 

There are many possibilities here!  I am not looking for any two particular encounters; I can imagine quite a few one could make an argument for.  This means that you will have to think deeply over what you have learned this semester, and prioritize two examples to make the best case you can.  Remember that you are making an argument.   Use specific examples to support it. 


This is only a one to two page essay. Doesnt need to be formatted or anything. I know it speaks of the text, how, significant world history encounters that were significant are fine. Thank you!


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