Project #161052 - Personnel Security DQ

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Each question should be answered in at least 75 words


  1. What is the primary purpose of background investigations? How might protection officers be involved with background investigations?

  2. Do you think organizations should require credit checks? Why or Why not? What's the benefit to requiring one, what's the down side?

  3. What do you think about organizations using social media in the background process?  There are many cases in which social media postings has caused individuals to lose jobs, not be hired by a company, be denied entrance into certain colleges etc. With technology comes many benefits but also technology can be the demise of some. Everyone should know that you cannot erase data that is placed in cyber world. As a result, you should really evaluate things placed on social media sites as well as anything placed on the internet. I teach an entire class on "Cyber", it is the new trend for crime and pleasure!!

  4. What is access control? How has technology improved access controls? What may be the next wave of access control technology?



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