Project #161055 - Background Investigation Policy Presentation

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As the security management team for a high-tech computer company, You must create a policy for conducting background checks on individuals who will be hired and employees who will be promoted. Create a proposal for a background investigations policy to be presented to the human resources department for approval and adoption. Your presentation should be appropriately focused so it best promotes your policy proposal to the organization.

Write a 100-200-word policy that addresses the areas to be included in the background check and the parameters by which they are investigated. Your policy must include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Objective, or objectives, of the policy (No intro or anything needed)

Create a 1 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation detailing the highlights of your policy and the rationale behind your proposal Include detailed speaker notes.

  • Also an intro slide for that and the following

  • Objective, or objectives, of the policy

  • Specific areas to be investigated, such as criminal history, driving history, credit check, references, and so forth

  • Duration of time for which each area is checked

  • Specific criminal offenses that preclude hiring

  • Actions to be taken if non-favorable information is discovered

  • Records retention and destruction

     Include detailed speaker notes.



Format your policy and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.




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