Project #161126 - Stress in America Essay

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Stress in America Essay

Read APA: Stress in America, Key Findings

In your textbook, complete the Stress Vulnerability Questionnaire on pp. 413-414. Following this assessment, use the Stress Management worksheet on pp. 419-420.

Write a five-paragraph essay that includes an introduction with a strong thesis statement, three body paragraphs with logical transitions, and a conclusion. Use an appropriate tone for college-level writing and avoid errors in grammar and mechanics, along with logical fallacies. Use APA format to cite your sources.

Summarize the key findings in the APA’s 2010 report on Stress in America. What are the major sources of stress in your own life? Discuss your own stress vulnerability and ways you would like to manage your stress. Use the textbook and other research sources to support your ideas.


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