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No more than 2 pages total, sources are attached.

All responses are to be substantive, showing critical thinking. They must also be free from grammatical and spelling error. Here are the guidelines:

- Responses must be in paragraph format, labeled and be interactive to promote further discussion unless the activity requires otherwise;

- Responses must demonstrate critical thinking and be fully justified;

- Use resources from any assigned course material;

- Use APA formatting for any in-text citations and references.


Read the articles and discuss the problems of Economic Inequality in the U.S.economy, summarize key points and post in the the Discussions area:


1) Making a Mockery of the American Dream

By Mortimer B. Zuckerman - March 27, 2015

2)      Why More Education Won’t Fix Economic Inequality

March 31, 2015

   3)      Inequality. On important but irrelevant facts

   4)      Competition Policy. Crossing continents


 5) Go to the internet and find an article that discusses the problems of income inequality in the U.S. economy, summarize key points and post in the Discussions area.


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