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Please answer the following questions in an essay. Please read all the questions before writing; consider all the areas covered in the course.  Remember to cite specific examples to illustrate your statements. This paper should be 4 pages, double spaced. 14 font

What were your communication challenges at the start of class? I was nervous for every speech due to stage fright

In what ways do you think you have progressed in your interpersonal communication abilities? What do you want to keep working on?- It seemed like with every speech i was getting a little less nervous but i would still like tp geto ver my stage fright to where it isnt noticble to anyone else

 In what ways has your understanding of nonverbal communication improved? How aware are you of the messages you send? How are you better able to decode other people’s nonverbal messages? can you just MAKE SOMETHING UP FOR THIS ONE?

Were your speeches well organized?  Were the messages easy to follow? How could the organization have been improved? For the most part  my speeches were organized and i believe were easy to follow. I could have done better by maybe being a little more obvious with my transitions.

How successful were your introductions, bodies, and conclusions? Again, be specific with examples. I think my introductions were great. they where attention grabbing. I believe my speeches with numbers being the main point worked the best. For example my informative speech about diabetes and my persuassive speech about packing lunches had huge  numbers and i believe they grabbed everyones  attention. I believe my bodies were   a little bland, they could have been put together a lot better with more interesting facts. Some of my bodies were too short for the time limits. For example my informative speech was really short so i had to throw in work stories of diabetic patients and it probably made the flow of the speech not go well. My conclusions were probably the worst part, when i did do a formal conclusion it was okay, nothing special but other speeches i did forget to do an actual conclusion. For example my persuasive speech i did not go over my main three points again to remind my crowd.

Did your language, voice, and body language enhance or harm your communications effort?  Be as precise as you can and comment on all areas of your delivery.  I believe all three harmed my communication efferot. My language because when i get nervous i stutter, my voice could have been louder and stronger. my voice quivers when i get nervous. My body language was my main problem you can tell very easily that i was nervous.

In your estimation, what were the most effective aspects of your messages? I think the most effective asspect of my messages were they all were chosen by stuff that i was interested in. Instead of me choosing a project topic that i didnt really care about, i chose ones that i know i can have a ittle passion about. For example my informative speech about diabetes, that one hits close to home cause i have family members with it and i had passion trying to get that message out about living healtheir and listeing to your doctors.



This paper should be 4 pages, double spaced. 14 font


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