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Nanomaterial Device Report


I need 8 pages.




totally 3 parts:


1. Nanomaterial Selection


  • material characteristics
    • Chemical composition and structure
    • Morphology (nanoparticle, nanowire...?)
    • Electrical/optical properties
  • Synthesis methods (if only one, that's fine)

2. Nanomaterial Assembly


  • Specific assembly technique and how it functions. What equipment is needed and what environmental conditions ( e.g. under liquid)?
  • Does this technique control the location and/or orientation of the nanomaterial? How well?
  • Why your material will work with this technique (i.e. your material is an insulator and this works with insulators)?
  • Can this technique be scaled up to mass production levels and why or why not? It is fine if it can't. You can't just say it will, you need to show it will or will not (e.g. it would take a team of 100,000,000 grad students to speed the process up, or if a 1,000 probe AFM existed, then yes it could be made faster -> more can be made at a time)

3. Device Description


  • Describe the process steps required to fabricate the device. 
  • Identify the steps that are commonly used in industry.
  • Be sure to describe any conditions required for your assembly technique that would affect device performance
  • Address how the use of the nanomaterial alters the performance; there must be a reason to use them instead of bulk materials.


I'll send the details after bids.


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