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The FBI and most other places that try to define White Collar crime (WCC) are a bit clueless. There is no such thing as a white collar crime, as there is not a White Collar section of the penal code. The term is a label created by criminologists to describe a specific kind of actor, circumstance, or a particular sub-category of crimes. It was specifically not coined as a term that could be used by the police or prosecutors because of what is specifically meant by the term.  Because the words seems glamorous, it has been stolen and incorrectly used by investigators and prosecutors who probably could not define the term. The mere fact that they think WCC means a crime is a pretty good clue that they don’t get it.

 Have a look at some scholarly resources that should provide you an idea about what WCC means, and explain it in your own words—NOT from someone’s definition, because honestly there are very few places that would steer you in the correct direction (the FBI is one of the worst offenders in this regard).

While explaining this in your own words, make sure to identify at least two and probably three properties, factors, or distinctions that are inherent in a WCC. This cannot be achieved by making a list of crimes that you think are WCC.  Shoot for identifying what specifically it is about those actions actually qualifies it as WCC.

 In your reply, find the post of a colleague and question the approach they took, making an argument that a given factor not correct, and then explain why.  Agreeing here will not get you full credit. Academic discourse is a part of higher education, and no topic will allow an easier opportunity to make that discourse than a discussion of what is and is not WCC.

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