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I have an assignment due for sociology which is a rough draft worksheet that talks about functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionism,  positive and negative effects on both and etc.   

Soci 1001s Rough Draft essay worksheet

compare and contrast each of the three major sociological perspectives(functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionism discussed in Unit 2 of the interactive units.  Be sure to address the similarities and differences between each of the three perspectives.When looking for similarities consider what matches in the perspectives or theories.  How are these things similar to e4ach other?  if you took notes while you were reading, you would be able to review those and look for paired concepts.   

second, select and state one social institution as discussed in unit 2 education, family, or government)  to analyze.  Identify one strength and one weakness of the social institution.  

Write three small paragraphs-one for each sociological perspectives  in which you analyze your chosen social institution from the perspectives of functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionism.  For each paragraph, refer to at least one specific example from the interactive units or required resources to support your statements.  IN other words, support your statements, support your ideas with evidence by connecting them to something tht you have read, seen, or experienced.  Cite your resources Create a rough draft of an introduction, and conclusion that you might use for your final essay.  concllusion can not be a word for word reinstatement of the introduction or thesis.


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