Project #161202 - Culture and Cooperation for Global Health

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Please seperate WEEK 4 and WEEK 5 by a blank page and title it as either week 4 or week 5. 


Imagine you are hired as a global health consultant called in to address a public health issue. Understanding the problem and its impact on health is critical to finding solutions to successfully improve the health of populations. This application is intended to give you a head start to your Application Assignment in Week 5.

To prepare for this Application Assignment, review the P.E.R.I. (Problem Etiology Recommendations Implementation) public health model described in Chapter 3 of your text, "Evidence-Based Public Health." Select a public health issue from one of the health concerns addressed in this week's resources.

To complete this Application Assignment, write a 1- to 2-page overview of your selected public health issue, with the information requested below. Please provide references for your information. This overview will help you establish a basic understanding for your Week 5 global health consultant Application Assignment.

Be sure to include information about the following as it relates to your selected health issue:


1. Problem: What is the health problem or issue? Use appropriate sources, including Public Health data sources (CDC, Census, etc.), to describe this problem.

2. What population does it impact?

3. Etiology: What is/are the contributory causes? What is the burden of disease for this health issue?

4. Recommendations: What can be done to reduce the health impact of your issue?

5. Implementation: How can we get the job done to improve health in this population? What organizations or professionals should be involved?



Coordinated and collaborative efforts to reduce health disparities require culturally appropriate strategies to create the changes necessary to improve public health.

To complete this Application Assignment, you will write a 3-4-page paper that includes your P.E.R.I. information from Week 4. Select a strategy (consciousness raising, community development, social action, health promotion, media advocacy, or policy change) from the Promoting Health Equity (pp. 58–75) document to create, and describe, the approach and theory of behavior change you recommend to create a change in the at-risk population you identified. In addition to your answers to questions 1–5 from the Week 4 P.E.R.I. Application Assignment, be sure to add a description of:

1. The hypothetical community you will work with, including cultural issues that might impact your chosen health condition

2. The theory related to health behavior you selected

3. The community (or international) public health organizations you would involve in the planning, and implementation, of this intervention

4. How you would apply your theory-based behavior change strategy to improve the social determinants of the health issue in this community

Be sure to support your work with specific citations


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