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I will be uploading documents to be able to answer these questions with. 4 qs with answers that ranges between 100-400 words.

Question 1

The US/Mexico borderlands are the site of a number of “flows” of goods, people, and ideas over the last century, but especially the last 30 years. As the US attempts to increase some types of flows, it aims to restrict others. Briefly identify these policies and characterize their efforts as a success or failure. Explain why. What has been the human cost? (hint: don’t forget Andreas) (400 words)

Question 2

Below is a painting by a late 19th century artist in Brazil. Cite the symbolism in the painting and describe how Latin American leaders and scientists hoped to address the region’s “race problem” in the 19th and early 20th centuries (hint: don’t forget Sarmiento and Marti). (300 words) 


Question 3

Briefly discuss challenges in environmental conservation in Latin America as outlined in our class presentation and in Wakild.(100 words)

Question 4

Someone sits next to you in a bar and discovers that you took LATAM 101. Intrigued, they ask you, “with all of those natural resources, why do Latin American economies historically have so many problems?Answer this question. (hint: De Soto presentation, Chico Mendes presentation, lectures from previous sections, text book etc----you may use materials from any part of the class since Week 1).

(400 words) 


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