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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/19/2016 12:00 am


 Your task is to create an Excel Pivot table (or an interactive report of your choice using Google Sheets or another alternative spreadsheet) that shows rates of tuberculosis infection by country. 

You’ll use the tb database that you restored last week. Also, the attached population.csv has populations by country for the years where tb cases have been reported. You’ll need to load the population.csv file into a newly created table in your tb database. You should create a new .CSV file that has the following columns: 

Country, Year, Rate 

Where Rate is defined as Cases/Population. 

[HINT: You’ll need to aggregate your cases across sexes and age groups, then join information in the tb table and the newly created population table; you may need to also consider how to handle NULL (missing values) in your tables]. 

Once you’ve created your .CSV file, you should create an interesting Pivot Table in Excel. 

Your deliverables: 

1. Your SQL code to create the population table and load from CSV file, 

2. Your SQL code that performs any aggregations, joins, and CSV file creation 

3. A screen shot of your pivot table report 



To receive full credit, you’ll need to provide each of the above deliverables 


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