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Answer all of the following questions about Semi-Structured Data in Database systems:

  1. Describe the modeling technique that you were assigned in your own words.

  2. Find one example of how it is used in the real world and provide it.

  3. Is it implemented into any commercial database systems? If yes, please give a link to it.

  4. What querying language would one use to query a database in this format?

  5. What is the benefit of using this modeling approach? Why is that benefit important?

  6. What is the drawback or challenge of using this approach? Why is that challenge a problem for someone who may want to use this technique?

  7. What is the measure of "goodness" for this design? Describe how one would go about measuring goodness for this technique.

  8. Does this model need special hardware to store the database, or does it have some unique feature to the way it stores data (essentially how does it interact with hardware). Include a discussion about the physical interactions with hardware/storage.

  9. Are there any security concerns about the model? How does it factor into security. If you feel this doesn't apply to your model, describe in general what you have found regarding security and data modeling.

All questions should have an insightful answer. Spend at most one page, single space answering each question. If you cannot find a lot of information for one aspect, at least discuss what the general concerns are for the topic, all of which can be found in your textbook (Funadamentals of Database Systems by Elmasri and Navathe 7th edition) DO NOT put "does not apply to my model" for an answer. Answer all questions in a .doc file or .rtf file. Start each answer on its own page. Must cite work using IEEE citation method - numbering and copying the URL into a works cited list will be fine. Please use ACM sources for each question.

These papers will use You can have exact quotes for at most 10% of the paper.



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