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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/19/2016 04:00 pm


ArtH-100, Art Appreciation Fall 2016
Instructor: S. Wallace


Due Date: Upload your document in the Writing Assignment folder in D2L Dropbox by 11:58pm December 6th. Please know that one of your options regarding artwork selection will not be available after December 4th.

Objective: Write a cohesive and visually descriptive narrative (150-350 words) focusing on the formal analysis of visual elements and principles of design included in an artwork. Select one of the two artworks listed below for your assignment. Both works can be found in the South Dakota Art Museum.

  • “The Prairie is My Garden” by Harvey Dunn

  • “Indian Summer” by Cynthia Reeves.

    Select four of the most significant elements and/or principles of design present in the work. Within the formal analysis present a descriptive narrative for each of the four elements and/or principles of design. The overall approach to this assignment should include your personal perceptions of the painting. Try to identify with some aspect of the artwork. Consider writing in a conversational manner as discussed in class.

    Evaluation: A total of 20 points is available from this assignment. See breakdown below:

  • Up to 4 points (16 total) for the written descriptive narrative of each of the four elements and/or principles of design selected

  • Up to 4 total additional points can be obtained proportionately through the quality of the descriptive narratives and the cohesive nature of the overall written assignment

    Use of proper grammar, sentence structure, correct spelling and punctuation is expected. Points may be subtracted when proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and correct spelling is not applied to the assignment.

    At the top of your document include the information below using the format below:

    Medium: Date: 


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