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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/31/2016 11:59 pm

The goal of this assignment will be to create an annotated bibliography of three peer-reviewed sources focusing on one aspect of that writer.The bibliography should include a one page introduction, explaining the bibliographies focus and purpose. As you begin the research and drafting the annotations, consider the audience. Craft the document for a specific reader with specific needs.

Secondary Source:an article about the writer or writer’s thought.

Invisible(Background)Sources:articles that provide useful, background information, but are not included in the bibliography.For more information on this topic, see the explanation of plagiarism at Purdue’s OWL:

In the assessment, you explain what insights the article provides into the writing, the writer, the philosophy. The assessment should not focus on you or your research: “This article helped me [...].” Instead, the assessment should focus on how the article contributes to a better understanding of the work: “This article develops an insight into [...].”You should not use first person in the annotated bibliography: “I found the article helpful.” The annotations are formal, academic entries that are concise and focused. They are not lists or notes.

Note: Carefully review this list.The annotated bibliography should not include dictionaries, encyclopedias, websites, book reviews, blogs, or Wikipedia. These entries will not be considered one of the four required sources.



You must use scholarly/reputable sources.

The bibliography must be formatted according to MLA guidelines.

The paper must be formatted as an annotated bibliography.

The annotated bibliography will be composed of a one page introduction and three peer-reviewed secondary sources. I will send you the three peer reviewed sources as the time comes. Each source must have an annotation (8-10 sentences in length), summarizing and assessing the article.

You must use at least 4 sources, and they must be presented in the required format in alphabetical order. You must choose a title for your annotated bibliography. This title should inform the reader of your focus. No late assignments please.




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