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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/24/2016 05:00 pm

For this week’s Assignment you will create a minimum 10 slide (excluding the title and reference slides) PowerPoint presentation. In your presentation, demonstrate how the Bill of Rights is applied in major criminal justice cases. You must incorporate speaker notes as part of this presentation which contains notes that you would utilize if presenting to a live audience.

Include the following in your Assignment:

  • Include at least one slide for each of the following Amendments explaining how each is applied to criminal cases.
    • First Amendment
    • Second Amendment
    • Fourth Amendment
    • Fifth Amendment
    • Sixth Amendment
    • Eighth Amendment
  • Discuss the historical context of why these Amendments were created as rights to protect individuals.
  • Research the Eighth Amendment and advocate a position both for and against capital punishment regardless of your personal beliefs.
  • Based on your research and personal beliefs, conclude this presentation by choosing a position either for or against capital punishment (or possibly a combination of the two). Provide rationale for your reasoning.


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