Project #161453 - international business PESTEL Assignment

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/25/2016 07:00 pm

Purpose/Description: Learn to identify and describe the critical external factors an international business through PESTEL analysis.   

You will write a short paper that describes what you have identified so far about external factors that impact your business.  Use the PESTEL analysis six quadrant chart and describe each area identified in one or two sentences, and what the implications are for your venture.  The total 2-3 page paper will give you a good foundation for thinking about your international project.  This will be inserted into the class project proposal template and updated as needed. Steps involved:

  • Create a 6 quadrant PESTEL analysis chart and insert into template
  • Write at least 2-3 pages describing each PESTEL area.  Insert into template
Submission Instructions

Upload your template with the SWOT and PESTEL analysis and references formatted using APA into blackboard.  For additional information on formatting in APA you can review the Purdue OWL APA Formatting Guide. ( )


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