Project #161491 - Humanism and mysticism short essay

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/21/2016 04:00 pm

Course title is humanism and mysticism. This is like a summry letter to professor at the end of the semester. I will upload some essays that I submited during the semester and you will be able to conclude something from these essays. only two pages, has to be letter format.




Short Essay #3 should be written in the form of a letter, with Mrs. Fraschella in the salutation and signed by you.  THE LETTER SHOULD BE ABOUT TWO PAGES LONG (double spaced).


In order to prepare the letter, I suggest that you read all of your own writing (and notes). I will evaluate the letter based on clarity of content, an honest voice, comprehensiveness, and correctness.  The letter may include:


1—Identify and organize the letter around a theme that threads through our readings and your writing (synthesis).  This section should reference some major pieces (including written, visual, and films) that we have covered in the semester.

(summary and analysis)


2 – Connect how this idea/theme brings resonance/meaning to you, to your experiences and to your community (reflection & generalization).


3 – Consider how you might apply these ideas/insights in your life (speculation/application).



I have included this as the final essay since I believe that writing is the best way, in the case of our course, to clarify the ideational and hopefully personal journey that you have engaged in during our semester together.


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