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    As a member of the Saudi Chambers of Commerce, your company has been chosen to represent the interests of Saudi business in general and your respective industry in particular to the MoL concerning Saudization and the amendment and subsequent implementation of article 39. The Head of Government Relations or the CEO will have to provide a presentation articulating the private sectors views on the policy (Why it is good for society?), its implementation (What is correct about its current implementation and what is wrong with this policy? How can it be improved?), and the role that the private sector can play as a mutual partner in carrying-out this policy (What strategies will the company use to influence the government on this issue?).    


These are the questions to answer: The re-search is on almarai company on Saudi Arabia. Represting almarai company on answering the questions 

1-what is Saudization (good and implementations ?

2-The strength and weakness of saudization?

3-Recommendations and suggestions on how to do Suaization better?

4-A strategy to Influence the Saudi arabia government about saudization


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