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Aristotle claims that the development of a strong moral character is essential to happiness

Think of an example where someone might, in their working life, be in a position like Gyges--able to get away with profiting from harming others. You can probably find lots of cases where people have tried to--Bernie Madoff, Wells Fargo, Enron, The Ford Pinto, maybe both presidential candidates, or you could make one up that is closer to a situation you may encounter in your field.

How would the development of a strong, virtuous character, such as Aristotle describes, be a remedy for this danger--i.e. prevent someone from taking advantage?

Explain the argument that even if they don't get caught, they still cannot be happy.  Do your best to explain what Aristotle is saying--use examples to illustrate such s we discussed in class. 

Do you agree or disagree that a good character is in your self interest?

I attached the Ring of Gyges Story that we looked at in class.



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