Project #161561 - Ethics In Professions II

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Use JS Mill and what you know about Utilitarianism to analyze one of the following cases: 1. Ethical Vegetarianism"--does utilitarianism necessarily entail that people should not kill animals for food? Does it have any consequences for how people treat animals? 2."Too Big to Fail"--look at the attached case about the idea that a business could be "Too Big to Fail". To what extent is this a utiltarian concept? 3. Capital Punishment--what might a utilitarian say about capital punishment? what arguments might they accept? which might they reject? I have provided a few resources, but the main thing I am looking for is some understanding of what the theory is, how it attempts to explain the difference between right and wrong, and how it applies to a case. The important thing in the case is to use your mind--don't look for what others have said about such things. You should be able to get at least two pages on this. Finally, think critically--does the conclusion you come to about utilitarianism make you more or less likely to agree with the theory? In class we discussed cases where a conclusion might change your mind about a value claim, and also about how it might lead you to reject a theory. (article that raises concers about lobsters)


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