Project #161562 - Ethics In Professions III

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/23/2016 12:00 am

Write a paper of about 4 pages responding to the following question:  

What does it take for a professional to remain ethical?  

This paper should be in some ways a culmination of what we have worked on so far, and a more sophisticated treatment of issues. Be sure to reflect good understanding of Luban's discussion of role morality--this is an important issue, as it relates to professions, but also to class, privilege, and other important elements of the life of a professional

Be sure to explain:

 what a profession is, and how it is related to other sorts of business

 what sort of ethical problems arise for professionals and why--be sure to discuss conflict of interest, and "Sex Lies and Money". You may also want to discuss "role morality"

 how codes of ethics help guide professionals, and how they fail to do so, and finally,  In this case, it might help to use an actual code of ethics as an example--how does it deal with problems about sex, lies and money?

 what in your opinion, enables an ethical professional to remain ethical

Papers should explictly use the readings we have done--Bayles/Hughes, Michael Davis, David Luban, Milton Friedman, and Sissela Bok.


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