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 Your friend, Diana Williams, loves to cook and recently developed a snack that she thinks will be fun and healthy for children. It contains fruit and natural fruit juices, with no added sugar. Although she has contacts with many of the smaller, speciality grocery outlets in London, she has been told that she must invest in advertising the product before these shops will be willing to carry her new item. 

Therefore, to get her business up and running, Diana believed it would be worthwhile to spend a significant amount of money on advertising the first year. In fact, she took out a loan in the amount of £5,000 to help finance what she thought of as “start-up advertising expenses.” Her expectation was that it would be simple to create advertisements then hire some media. However, after visiting with a local marketing student she realized that developing effective advertising was much more complicated and time consuming than she thought and there were many more factors to consider. 

Assume you are a marketing consultant and friend of Diana’s. Write a memo to her covering the following issues: 

1. Whether or not Diana should hire an advertising agency or develop the advertising herself. 

2. Based on your experience on the Group Assessment, what advice would you give Diana about developing advertising? It doesn’t matter what she decides in part 1, your advice would apply to the process itself, whether she does the advertising herself or the advertising agency does it. 

3. What are the pertinent UK regulations regarding advertising, in general, and food advertising to children, specifically? How might they impact the advertising of Diana’s new snack? 

4. If Diana decides to hire an advertising agency (regardless of your recommendation), what is the process? 


In preparing the memo, you may find it helpful to use a template available on word or online. Begin the memo with a very brief introduction to Diana explaining why you are writing the memo and what topics will be covered. You may write in 1st person, since Diana is your friend, but the memo should be formal and professional because this is a very important topic, and critical to the success of Diana’s product. Then, be sure to address the following points: 

1. For the first part, you need to cover the following issues: 

a. What are the pros & cons of developing advertising in-house and pros & cons of hiring an outside agency? 

b. What are her immediate needs & resources? Does she need expertise to complete these tasks? 

c. What is your recommendation? Why? 



2. For the second part you should consider and critique all components of the assessment (in your mind), including the creative brief, the appendices, the advertisement created, and the pitch that took place in class. However, select only a few points that stand out in your memory. 

a. What are the key tasks that must be done well to have a successful and effective advertisement? What errors should be avoided? 

b. What did you learn about the process that Diana should be aware of? 

c. Please do not waste words being overly descriptive of the process or contents of your particular work or the advertisement. The advice you provide should apply to the development of any advertisement. 


3. When considering regulations: 

a. What agency is responsible for monitoring advertising and enforcing advertising guidelines and regulations? 

b. What are the key features of responsible advertising, in general, and food advertising to children, specifically, that Diana should be aware of? 

c. Be sure to keep in mind that Diana may not be expecting much television advertising because her product will only be sold locally. Further, this will help her stay within her budget. 

d. You may find it beneficial to do some research outside of the material covered in lectures and classes. 


4. Regarding your advice on how to hire an agency, note that after reading this, Diana should have a complete understanding of the process involved. 

a. What types of agencies are available to her and how should she decide what type she needs? 

b. What are some of the criteria she should use to choose one? 

c. In the end, how will she decide on which one to hire? 

d. What fee structure should she expect? 

e. Once she hires an agency, how will she evaluate its performance in the future? 


The text of the memo must not exceed 2000 words +5%, excluding references. The evaluation form that will be used to assess this assignment is shown in the Appendix. Please use this as a guide to improve your work. 

Please be reminded that all ideas and resources used that are not your own must be clearly and properly cited in the text and a list of references (bibliography) must be provided. 

This assessment must be submitted by 13:00 on Monday, 9 January 2017 via Blackboard only. It will automatically be scanned through a text matching system (designed to check for possible plagiarism). YOU MUST include your name, student ID, and word count on the first page of your assignment. 

This coursework is equivalent to a final exam. Therefore, you must work independently to demonstrate your knowledge of the module material. Neither the module leader nor your class tutor will able to advise you, read drafts of your document, or answer questions after the end of the module on 14 December 2016.



Marking Scheme 


The document you submit will be evaluated according to the following criteria: Component 



ï‚· Word count is provided on the front page & is within the limit 

ï‚· No spelling, grammar, punctuation errors; Good proofreading 

ï‚· Each section of the memo is clearly separated 

ï‚· Properly formatted and professional in organisation and appearance 

ï‚· Citations and references provided, if needed 

ï‚· Appropriate use of appendices, if any 



Pros & Cons of Hiring an Agency 

ï‚· Both sides are covered thoroughly 

ï‚· Arguments / comments make sense 

ï‚· Good support for recommendation 

ï‚· Good coverage of module material 



Advice on Advertising Process 

ï‚· Key do’s and/or don’ts provided 

ï‚· Good consideration of the group assessment 

ï‚· Good coverage of module material 



Regulation of Advertising 

ï‚· Appropriate level of research completed 

ï‚· Coverage of pertinent issues provided to Diana 

ï‚· Implications for Diana’s product are provided 



Process for Hiring an Advertising Agency 

ï‚· Complete and thorough explanation of steps 

ï‚· Diana knows the exact process for hiring an agency 




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