Project #161604 - Sharing Your Own Experience in a Personal Document

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/24/2016 12:00 am

Have you ever sat down to write a document and thought, Where do I even begin? Sitting and staring at a blank page while trying to develop ideas can be frustrating. Trying to write an essay, a memo, a professional email, or any other document in one sitting can be difficult and often leads to writer’s block. Prewriting is an easy step to avoid frustration and writer’s block. Prewriting is an excellent way to begin generating ideas, consider what you already know about a topic, and prepare to write.

Step 1: Complete the assigned Unit 3 Reading and Learning Activities, available in the Unit 3 Learning Activities section.

Step 2: Looking ahead, review the Unit 4 Assignment details and locate an article that interests you and that is relevant to your field of study from the list of preselected websites in the Unit 4 Assignment introduction.

Refer to the list of Professional Websites. If your field of study is not listed here or if you do not find an article in one of these websites you wish to use, visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook and locate a different professional website that you find more interesting or relevant to you and your field of study.

Be sure to identify at least one potential audience and purpose you could write about and why you would want to select that focus for your Unit 4 Assignment. Then, begin brainstorming or listing issues the article raises that are important to you, your friends, or someone you know who is studying in your field. For example, you could use freewriting to explore your topic. These ideas, and the feedback you receive, will be helpful in writing your Unit 4 Assignment. Please share a link to the article you read as part of your Discussion Board post.

Step 3: Respond to classmates’ postings

Participate by responding to at least two classmates’ initial postings. Ask questions about the audience and purpose. Take on the role of your classmates' new audience and discuss what you as an audience member would need to be informed about, what your expectations would be, and what you would hope the article would do to inform you about the these important issues.

Review a sample student Discussion Board post.

Discussion requirements

Initial post should

  • demonstrate effectively developed paragraphs
  • be on topic
  • be original
  • contribute to the quality of the discussion
  • make frequent and informed references to the unit reading concepts

Participation posts

  • Demonstrate effectively developed paragraphs
  • Show evidence of active engagement in the discussion. For example, asking questions, answering questions posed by peers, making further connections to course readings
  • Advance the discussion
  • Demonstrate active engagement in the discussion and familiarity with the unit concepts
  • Go beyond agreement or praise
  • Students are also encouraged to respond to instructor follow up posts and questions and to respond to the questions their classmates have posted in their responses.


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