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i have to write an essay for 4-5 pages! i already choose a leader from my country and i found some and i need someone editing my essay in his words & add some more infromation and following what i write down. i need my essay to be very proffesional. 
Length: 4-5 pages + bibliography: at least 10 sources. Remember wikipedia does not count within the 10 sources, but you can use it, as it is useful to get an overall impression.
•Choose any VISIONARY leader you are inspired by (male/female) preferably from your country
•Requirements: must be alive (but not famous)
•Can come from any domain: politics, business, arts, (social) entrepreneurship, religion, music, film.
•Must mix profit with purpose, for example in business/entrepreneurship. « Performance with purpose »
•Must have a long-term ETHICAL strategy to improve matters with the world or in his/her community. Global vision.
Front page: wite your name(s)  and class, and name of leader
Introduction: state what visionary leadership means (refer to academic articles and other sources) you can quote different definitions. Google scholar might be helpful here
Central part/background : Introduce your leader(s) and what s/he is doing. Explain the problem s/he is tackling and how s/he wants to be part of the solution.
Be as precise as possible, clarify his/her background, and commitment.
You can include statistics/numbers, if relevant.
Conclusion and limitations: wrap up your essay and think about limits/limitations of the person and his/her project
At the end of your essay, following the conclusion, add an extra paragraph or section and explain your PERSONAL choice for the particular person. And why s/he is important or innovative and ethical in your country (if you can find the person in your ‘hood….)  


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