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Hi i will upload a pdf file with the documents and After a careful review of the documents of the case study , i have to answer the following questions:


-       Who is the Claimant?


-       Who is the Respondent?


-       Who are the third parties?


-       What is the dispute about?


-       When was the contract between Mediterraneo Elite Conferences Services and Equatoriana Control Systems, Inc. signed?


-       Was Equatoriana Control Systems, Inc. informed of the annual conference of Worldwide Corporate Executives Association (WCEA)?


-       Why is D28 super chips important?


-       Why was the control system of the vessel Vis Moot delayed until 14 January 2011?


-       Why did Mediterraneo Elite Conferences Services have to hire the M/S Pacifica Star?


-       What is the CIETAC?


-       Has Equatoriana Control Systems breached the Contract for late delivery and late installation of the master control system?


-       What damages are Mediterraneo Elite Conferences Services entited to recover?


-       Is there an exemption of liability to pay damages?


-       What are the respective positions of Claimant and Respondent?


-       What is the impact of the bribery?


-       Does the Arbitral Tribunal have the power to remove Dr Mercado from the arbitration procedings? 


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