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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/29/2016 12:00 am

You read about stakeholders in your Reading area of this unit. How might external stakeholders’ points of view be different form the internal stakeholders? What changes would you expect to see in writing under the following circumstances? 

Read the scenario and follow the steps provided. 

Scenario: A public company is changing its mission and business entity to be a for-profit Benefit Corporation that is required to show social and environmental benefits besides a profit. But so far, the company has not altered their actions and policies with regards to enormous environmental waste being generated. 

Step 1: Read the scenario and choose one of these external stakeholders: Suppliers, customers, the community, competitors, society (the environment), banks and lending institutions, and the government. 

Step 2: Compose a short memo (200 words) to the CEO regarding your chosen stakeholder’s reaction to the changes and the ethical considerations. Remember the appropriate memo format.  Share your memo with classmates as a posting.

Step 3: Respond to one of your classmate’s memos as the CEO in a minimum of 150 words. 

Step 4: For your final response to classmates, vote 1) for the best memo from an external stakeholder and 2) the best response to an external stakeholder other than your own.


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