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Population Health Determinants in Rural Health Care

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My father asserted that there was no better place to bring up a family than in a rural environment.... There’s something about getting up at 5 a.m., feeding the stock and chickens, and milking a couple of cows before breakfast that gives you a lifelong respect for the price of butter and eggs.
—Bill Vaughan (as cited in Sutherland, 2009)

Rural is a way of life for many. The rural population is now close to 3.4 billion around the world (United Nations, 2014). In the United States alone, 60 million people, or 19.3% of the population, live in rural areas (U.S. Department of Commerce, n.d.-b). Although the list of social and economic determinants may not change between rural communities and inner cities, the impact upon the populations may have a significant difference. For example, consider that you are a health care administrator in a rural health care facility, and your facility is two hours away from the major referral health care delivery system. How can you ensure that you provide consistent, patient-centered and effective wellness and emergency care?

To prepare for this Discussion, review the Learning Resources in Weeks 4 and 5. Consider how the social and economic determinants may impact the health care facility.

Write a brief analysis about how the social and economic determinants impact rural population health. Then describe, as an administrator, how you would propose altering the services and programs within your facility to support creating and sustaining a healthier rural community.

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