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Every School has many teachers and many students. Each student is assigned to one school and each teacher works for one school only. Each teacher teaches more than one subject but a subject may be taught by more than one teacher. The database should store the number of hours a teacher spent teaching a subject. Information held on each teacher includes his/her tax file number, name (first and last), gender and qualifications. The data held on each subject includes subject title and type. Each student can study more than one subject and a subject may be studied by more than one student. Data held on each student includes the student number, name (first and last), gender and date of birth. Each school is managed by one of its teachers. The database should keep track of the date he/she started managing the school. Data stored on each school includes the school’s code, name, address (town, street and postcode) and phone.

1. Draw ERD with key attributes. You can use any notation to draw the ERD. Must include legend.

2. Data dictionary for the above scenario.

3. Implement the database and populate with sample data for every table.


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