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All posts must be a minimum of 400-450 words. All follow-up posts to your classmates must be a minimum of 200 words for each required post.   Peer responses will not be accepted after the due date. 

1. Identify and describe four ways in which the privacy threats posed by cybertechnology differ from those posed by earlier technologies?

2. Can a person claim privacy rights when they use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter? Why is this difficult to define?  Can there be such a thing a privacy on the Internet? 

2. When investigating a computer crime why is it necessary to have a warrant?  What can potentially happen if a warrant is not issued?  Research a recent case in reference to search and seizure of computer evidence. Please describe the case in detail. Do you agree with the ruling?

3. How is the Fourth Amendment applied to computer investigations?  What problems might arise because of this Amendment? 


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