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Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Update

Kathleen ,

Your fall 2016 grades posted and our review shows you are on SAP SUSPENSION. No financial aid will be issued the next time you register. Your SAP Suspension is a result of one of these conditions:
-Withdrawing from all courses in the semester OR
-Receiving letter grades of all Fs in the semester OR
-Not meeting the minimum requirements for two semesters in one of these areas:

-End of semester GPA and/or
-Institutional cumulative GPA and/or
-The number of hours attempted vs. the number of hours completed and/or
-Overall length of time you are taking to complete the degree

You may be able to appeal your current suspension status. The various SAP appeal forms are available on our Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress webpage.

Are you attending the spring 2017 semester? January 6, 2017 is the deadline for submitting spring 2017 appeals.

I on suspension for my financial aid for next semester and i want do an appeals but they asked me for some documents the real reason was because i was working but they need some other reasons do you have some idea or documents i can give them to convience them and justify why i lost my financial aid. I really need it back please tell me how much you need and and some document that can convience them to give me my financial aid i have to do it ASAP.



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