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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/31/2016 12:00 am

Term Paper Instructions:

Based on your selected  topic on computer related crime, forensics or cyber security create an outline Term Paper #1 due in Week 4. Submit a one page outline with your proposed term paper title, thesis statement, and an outline of the subtopics you will cover in your term paper #1. Please review the term paper details listed under term paper #1 in order to complete the outline.

The term paper is due at the end of Week 4. Your paper must be 12-16 pages in length. In addition to the 12-16 pages of the paper itself, you must include a title page and a references page. Your title page must include the title of your paper, the date, the name of this course, your name and your instructor's name. Your references must be written in APA citation style 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font. You must cite a minimum of ten (10) outside sources. All assignments must be completed and uploaded in a MS Word document for grading.


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