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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/30/2016 12:00 am

Make an essay answering to the following question using the reading list: (2000 words)

Utilising examples from at least two companies that you have researched, to what extent are companies’ attempts to engage with their stakeholders leading to greater transparency regarding their core business activities? 


Reading list :

A. Lawrence – The Drivers of Stakeholder Engagement: Reflections on the case of Royal Dutch/Shell. in Andriof et al Unfolding Stakeholder Thinking.

Vodafone – 2006 CSR Report; Mobile Phones, masts and health. Available from website

Cadbury Schweppes – 2006 CSR Report: Our CSR vision and strategy. Available from website

 Christian Aid – Living Its Values: Coca Cola in India. Taken from the Behind the Mask report. Listed on weekly website page on here

 CSR Network – CSR Reporting – Examining the Unpalatable Issues. Available from website

 G. Monbiot – Still Drilling. Article available on his website

D. Doane – Good Intentions – Bad Outcomes? The Broken Promise of CSR Reporting. Taken from Henriques et al The triple Bottom Line. The Future of CSR     


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