Project #161784 - Intermodal Transportation Impact on the United States Economy

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The title of my research paper is "Intermodal Transportation Impact on the United States Economy".
The research paper should be a minimum of six typed pages, formatted in accordance with APA and reference page.  
Below is more instruction.
The nature of a research paper is to prove or disprove a thesis or hypothesis, not simply produce a report or provide information on topic.   For example; a topic may be the impact of security on intermodal transportation.  The associated thesis could be; actions taken to improve the security at ports has negatively impacted throughput, increasing costs and reducing the quality of operations.  The research and body of the paper argues to prove the thesis statement.
Below is a copy of my thesis statement.

Non-street cargo transport is less vitality concentrated contrasted with cargo transport by street. By using different methods of transport other than vehicles, adds to a more vitality effective transportation. The utilization of multi-purpose cargo transport lessens on cargo taking care of when evolving model. The point of this examination paper is to recognize how the economy is influenced by the high development in the utilization of multi-purpose cargo transportation. This paper will concentrate on the financial impact of transportation particularly concentrating on multi-purpose cargo transport. This paper will answer the accompanying inquiry; what is the effect of the utilization of multi-purpose cargo transport on the economy?


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