Project #161834 - Donald Trump accomplishments as President-Elect

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Since he became President-Elect Donald Trump, Donald Trump has really been on a roll.  

He's already convinced a number of companies to stay in America and he's been negotiating to have more jobs come back to America.

I really believe many companies are bringing jobs back to America because they know what a Trump Presidency will mean for them.

The stock market closed at a record high on the Friday when it was announced that Trump won the presidency.

Businesses believe they'll have a real chance at growth if they have their jobs and businesses here in America.

I need a paper giving ten examples of the things Donald Trump has done for this country as far as bringing jobs to America and the possibility of job growth and creation here in America.

Bringing the tax rate from 35% to 15% is a big one.

Please list your resources so people can fact check.


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