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This assignment will involve picking a first and second choice career and then researching and analyzing them both. This is a very important assignment as many people make tragic life altering mistakes by going into a career that they really don’t enjoy, or that is financially very insecure or risky (a huge and tragic issue today, that will only become moreso in the future),because they didn’t really understand what it was like. Or, they choose one career, and train for it, when there is another that they would have liked so much better if only they had known about it when they were young. But now it would be very costly or impossible to go back to school and switch, especially if they have children at that time. The key purpose of this assignment is to have you thoroughly research and analyze what a current first and second choice career will really be like, now, so that you do not make an extremely costly, and hard or impossible to reverse, mistake. It also can be very valuable to study your career now so that you make smart moves – andput in enough effort, very much including in the classroom – early, and establish a good plan for success in that career. I urge you to keep in mind it is usually very hard or impossible to switch careers later. You will have much less time, energy, and youth. And if you have children it becomes extraordinarily hard, if not impossible, to go back to school when your children require a large and steady income, and a great deal of your time and energy, leaving relatively little for your studies. Also crucial: Employers greatly prefer the young and together, who do things on schedule or before. Your disadvantage is typically large, or enormous, if at 35, or even 28, you suddenly decide now I'm going to try to start entry level in this new career, competing against energetic young 22 year olds with newly minted bachelor's degrees, or 24 and 25 year olds with newly minted masters or professional degrees, who have done everything quickly and right in the eyes of typical employers. Employers greatly prefer you to complete the desired level of education as early as possible, showing responsibility and drive, and making you more experienced in your field at every age than people who started their educations later, and/or finished later. In today's far riskier and less forgiving world, you really want to get it right as early, and as well, as possible. You really want to make good decisions now on what career to pursue, and how to achieve success in that career. So I urge you to research well now, when it's not too late. This is truly an important assignment for your future, and something you should constantly research on a regular basis well after this course is over.


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