Project #161859 - Wells Fargo Case Analysis

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Due By (Pacific Time) 01/20/2017 11:00 pm

The report (paper) is to be comprehensive of about 2,500 words (about 12+ pages) plus exhibits. It’s required that you go through the entire process of identifying (or diagnosing), evaluating, and recommending, dealing with all of the major problems and issues raised in the case. This analysis is to be a major effort at indicating your ability in understanding the issues or problems of the case, conducting a comprehensive analysis and developing a strategic game plan for solving the issues of the case. Summarizing and rehashing facts stated in the case is discouraged. Instead the analyses should be prepared as “reports to management” with an emphasis on action-oriented strategic recommendations.


You will be evaluated on the professionalism of your presentation, your persuasiveness, your cohesiveness, and the logic of your arguments presented.

PowerPoint slides are to be prepared to aid in the paper presentation. Evaluation criteria for Project:


1.     Executive summary (5 points)

2.     Problem statement

a.     Central issues identified and communicated (20 points)

3.     Analysis

a.     Logical, focused and substantive (10 points)

b.     Effective use of analytical tools and concepts (20 points)

c.     Effective use of facts and figures to substantiate arguments (10 points)

4.     Recommendations

a.     Logical flow, solve the problems identified (25 points)

5.     Overall

a.     Reasonable style, layout (5 points)

b.     Spelling, grammar and punctuation (5 points)



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