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Assignment #1


Complete an annotated bibliography including 5 peer reviewed articles that will be helpful in writing the Movie "As good as it gets."  The articles should address issues that are relevant to your movie such as the symptoms of the disorder, the best treatments, the cause, and other issues that are addressed in your particular movie.  Feel free to contact me for suggestions of good movies to write about and ideas of how to get started thinking about your paper.


Each entry should be at least 5 sentences that include a summary of the article (at least 3 sentences), your evaluation of the article (at least 1 sentence), and how it will be used in your paper (at least 1 sentence).  If a peer reviewed article will not be useful in your paper, you should not include it in your annotated bibliography.  Make sure that you put the name of the movie at the top of your Annotated bibliography.  A sample attached above for a different topic.  This is a good sample, but it does not do a great job of evaluating the articles (stating their strengths and weaknesses).  

 Site to find peer review articles:


Use APA style and make sure that you clearly include the name of the movie in the title of your assignment.




Assignment #2




Watch the film that deals with psychopathology as “As Good As it gets". Evaluate the movie’s presentation of the authenticity of the disorder. Did the movie accurately address the cause, presentation, and treatment of the disorder? Include any features of the movie that were exceptional, particularly interesting, or inaccurate in the presentation of the disorder. Compose a paper of at least 1250 words addressing these issues.


Make sure you answer the following questions:


Did the movie accurately represent the symptoms/presentation of the disorder?


Did the movies suggest a cause? Was it accurate?


Was there treatment for the disorder in the movie? If so, how accurate was it?


What does this movie teach society about mental illness?

Include anything else that made the movie exceptional, particularly interesting, or inaccurate in the presentation of the disorder


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