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Due By (Pacific Time) 01/06/2017 10:00 am

Please read all directions carefully and completely. The paper is attached and needs the following things added/edited. The paper needs to be 11.5 font and 1.5 spaced.


For this next draft you will need to do the following:

1. Revise the thesis further (as needed given your added populational considerations) and integrate the thesis into the project description.

-thesis: early and accurate detection of abusive head trauma can lessen its impact.

2. Revise the writing of this section (Project Description with Thesis) to be a strong introduction to the project as a whole. Start thinking about the project less as separate parts and more as a single, coherent whole. 

3. Revise the Biological Literature Review section as guided by your advisor.  Also ensure that it fits into the larger context of the project and connects to the thesis.  It should have its own short introduction that lays out the major positional “point” of the section (a sub-thesis if you will) and short conclusion. 

-add in 1 page (11.5 font, 1.5 space) on the cellular/molecular changes that result from AHT.

4. Construct an Epidemiology & Populational Review section to follow the Biological (at least 4 pages).  In the biological section you were focused on the specifics of causation, means of patient treatment, and other individual or mechanism focused topics. Now you need to expand to the populational perspective and move beyond the individual in your consideration. 

Which populations experience this disease/disorder /condition?  Are there socioeconomic, sex, ethnic, racial, regional, international, and other differences based on the populational classifications of individuals in occurrence, severity, efficacy of treatments, and/or outcomes?  (e.g., Do people in poverty tend to die or suffer more from this and people with greater means only experience inconvenience?) What is known that might cause these differences? Are there any additional public health considerations relevant to this disease/disorder/condition?

YOU WILL NEED TO DO LITERATURE RESEARCH FOR THIS SECTION and appropriately cite your sources.  There may be some components in your current Biological section that you will now expand upon or even move to this section. It should have its own short introduction that lays out the major positional “point” of the section (a sub-thesis if you will) and short conclusion. 

5. Revise your Social and Ethical Review outline section based on any advisor-noted changes needed. Also consider adding appropriate things that may have been found during your research for the Epidemiological and Populational section.


6. Review and potentially revise your References and in-text citations to ensure that they are in appropriate APA or CSE format.


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